1. Who is eligible to attend Oregon Marathi Shala (OMS)?
Ans: Anyone interested in learning Marathi can attend OMS. Minimum requirement is that student must be at least 5 years old  and currently enrolled in Kindergarten.

2. How do I enroll in OMS?

Ans: Fill out online registration from OMS 2017-18 Registration and pay fee by check or cash. Check should be drawn in the name of "Oregon Marathi Mandal". Annual fee for academic is $50. Check can be submitted to OMS coordinators/administrators at the Shala.

3. Where and when are the classes held?

Ans: Please find all the details on Location & Time page.

4. How can I volunteer for OMS?

Ans: Fill out online Volunteer registration form. After submission of Volunteer registration form, you will be contacted to attend OMS Volunteer orientation session. Once you attend orientation, you can volunteer for OMS.


1. How do I sign-up for OMS Library ?

Ans: Please fill up the Sign-up from and turn it in at Shala on Sunday. Also please steps from this guide